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Coconut Bowl Wholesale

at Cheap Prices

You need more than just a single coconut shell bowl, you need a veteran supplier who has been in the field for 12 years to build your brand and grow your profits. Let COCONUTIO help you achieve business success.

Coconut Bowl Wholesale Can Be Easy & Safe.

No matter what style of coconut bowl you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it. In particular, our equipment supports slightly bending the edge of the natural coconut shell, which makes the final product can be distinguished from the vast majority of coconut bowls on the market.

Our Products

Coconutio’s products are made from natural coconut. We go through 3 strict screening processes when selecting natural coconut shells to ensure that the products delivered to you are smoothie bowls.

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Wine glasses
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Smoothie bowls
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Spoon set
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Buddha Bowls
Bamboo Straws

365bearings Services Always Go Extra Mile

No more endlessly wasting time on lousy coconut bowl wholesalers. COCONUTIO’s goal is to let you sit back and relax. We take care of all the dirty works, including trade stuff, clearance and logistics, etc. Our consultant will keep you informed of the trade progress throughout.

OEM & ODM Available

Whether you want to have your logo engraved on the coconut bowl or want to design it differently, we can help you.

Lighting Fast Delivery

If you don't need additional designs, just the finished product, we have the inventory to support fast delivery.

Start With Low MOQ

If you want to wholesale coconut bowls, we support a minimum order quantity of 100 bowls for the first order.

Why Choose 365bearings?

Our natural coconut bowls have passed the CE, FDA and other approval, and we have 12 years of experience in making coconut shell bowls. Our products are eco-friendly, and they use the most advanced technology to produce.

Inventory Surplus

Our factory has 3 production lines dedicated to the production of coconut shell bowls.

Inventory Surplus

The staff you interface with are experienced and certified in their English language skills.

100% Genuine Natural

We pick the coconuts directly from the Hainan natural coconut trees, no auxiliary ingredients.

Customized on Demand

You provide the design and we generally will give you a solution in a week's time.

Professional team
Design on demand
Eco friendly
Factory direct
Certificates proven
Online audit
Quick response
No bad reviews
100+ happy clients
Report throughout
Cheap price

Our Happy Clients From 30+ Countries

I never get my coconut bowls wholesale from COCONUTIO only because it is the only brand I trust in China, my colleague has personally visited their factory and was impressed with their advanced equipment. Even if each coconut bowl costs a few cents, I’m willing to import coconut bowls from their company, not to mention that in most cases, COCONUTIO’s coconut bowls are lower than the factories in Southeast Asia and India. One more thing, my consumers are not resistant to having beautiful coconut bowls, so I have high expectations of the wholesaler’s design capabilities, but COCONUTIO never disappoints me.

FAQs About Coconut Bowl Wholesale

COCONUTIO has been wholesaling coconut bowls for 12 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

Does your coconut bowls healthy for my customers?

Our coconut shell bowls are made from the natural coconut and they are eco friendly products. Our sustainable products look bright and nice, and they are no harm to the human body. You can use them in kitchen or dining room to enjoy your food.

Will consumers in my country buy it?

Now health and environmental protection is the world’s cultural mainstream, so coconut bowls wholesale could be a good idea. The majority of our clients imported coconut bowls have sold very well and their customers love our coconut bowls.

What are the payment options?

You can use Western Union, which has a lower fee, or PayPal if you can accept a slightly higher fee, but please note that for new customers, we only accept the 30% T/T of the payment, or if you have been with us for years and run into cash flow pressure, we do offer OA credit.

Will you refund if sales are not good?

Refunds are not possible, especially for customized products, which we charge in advance because the products need to be made from a natural coconut shell, which cannot maintain their original form after leaving the coconut tree, so even if sales are not good, these products cannot be returned to the coconut tree.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the goods?

Depends on whether you want to do customization your coconut bowls or not, and also depends on the speed of customs clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to ship regular natural coconut shell bowls in less than 2 business days, and we have customers in Singapore who received the goods in less than 2 weeks.

What if you can’t provide what I want?

It does happen that if the coconut bowl you offer is too complex for your needs (like inserting paper straws inside the natural coconut shell), we may not be able to manufacture it, but be confident that COCONUTIO has 12 years of experience in the industry, we have far more resources than others, and we can help you find the corresponding manufacturer.

Can I come to China for factory inspection?

Of course, but it is better to wait until the epidemic subsides. Now we support using ZOOM for online factory inspection.

What is the most important feature of COCONUTIO’s products?

Since we have an independent design team(10+ members), we accept all forms of customization, you just give us ideas or even just a word, and we can manufacture your ideal coconut bowls from a natural coconut shell.

What’s the raw materials used?

The material of our coconut shell bowls is 100% genuine natural coconut shell, the diameter is 5.5cm, the height is 10cm. We can also make any designs for you according to your needs.

Any benefits for coconut bowl wholesale from China?

In a word, China has a much better industry chain. There may be wholesalers of coconut bowls in India, Vietnam and Malaysia, but COCONUTIO can guarantee that our prices can be on par with theirs and our service far exceeds your expectations.

Which of your products are selling better?

All Products made from a natural coconut shell are popular, but not every market is the same. For example, some Thai customers love buddha bowls, so if you are planning to purchase them, it is best to ask our experienced consultants.

Start earning substantial profits in your country today!

Coconut bowls wholesale can be easy. COCONUTIO has helped customers in more than 30 countries to be successful and earn good profits. We also welcome you to become an exclusive distributor in your country.

After signing the agreement, we will not wholesale any more products to your country or region, your orders will be processed and shipped first, and we will execute your custom coconut bowls’ design after you send us the first time. Click the buttons below, and let’s grow your brand together.

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