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Top 10 Coconut Bowls Wholesalers in the US

The universe realizes biodegradable efforts to conserve the environment. One of them is the reuse of coconut shells.

Companies in the US have noticed that they can gain so much profit from coconut shells, which many people see as waste after coconut water and flesh have been extracted from them.

I will tell you in this post some of these US companies that are making so much money from making coconut shell bowls and producing wonderful sets of them.

Shenzhen Coconutio LLC
  • Location: Shenzhen, China 
  • Company type: manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 2009
  • Main products: coconut shell bowls
  • Other products: coconut shell accessories, coconut carving bowls, coconut candle bowls, coconut candle holders

I have been working with Coconutio for more than 5 years now and I’ll tell you that it is an outstanding manufacturing company. Coconutio mainly makes coconut shell bowls. I know Coconutio as an exceptional brand that aspires to give customers the best. I am in charge of the export department that exports coconut products all over the continent. This brand is committed to upholding the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the environment by converting coconut husks to useful bowls.

With 12 years of experience, I believe Coconutio will design something that you will love and value. With that being said, go on and rush to our website to see the catalog of our products. Tell your mum, grandma, or friend interested in such products to do the same. Coconutio offers you coconut bowls wholesale at low prices. 

Buddha Bowls LLC
  • Location: Michigan
  • Company type: trading, wholesale
  • Main products: Buddha bowls/coconut bowls
  • Other products: coconut bowl utensils, bamboo straws, canvas drawstring bags, palm tree teaspoons
image 1

I recently came across this brand and I truly loved what they produce. Buddha Bowls Company is renowned for its massive production and selling of Buddha bowls, which are just coconut bowls. They sell them in several bundles; there is the zero waste set, jumbo set, and engraved coconut bowls set.

This company sells 100% original bowls and that are natural and eco-friendly. The wholesale options available are of a standard number for all the bundles. The jumbo bowls are 20% larger than the original bowls. You can check out their products online and see which one fits your needs better. 

Coconut Bowls LLC
  • Location: California
  • Company type: trading, manufacturing, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut shell bowls
  • Other products: wooden Buddha spoons, wooden coconut chopsticks, coconut soy candles, bamboo cups, cookbooks
Coconut Bowls LLC

It is through a recent video that I watched that I learned that Coconut Bowls Company gets inspiration from Ben Tre province in Vietnam. The person addressing the video was the CEO of this company. You could be wondering, why Ben Tre Province?

Ben Tre is nicknamed “the Kingdom of Coconuts” Coconut farmers grow them on a large scale here. They apply all the skills that are used in Ben Tre in the manufacturing of coconut shell bowls. Coconut bowls company gives its customers different amazing sets of bundles for the purchase of wholesale coconut bowls. Its mission is to make healthy eating and sustainable living fun, easy and accessible for everyone.  

Enya Products Limited
  • Location: Florida
  • Company type: trading, manufacturing, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut shell bowls
  • Other products: recipe cookbooks
image 2

I have several colleagues working at Enya products. They tell me their aim is to empower and encourage Vietnamese farmers to give purpose to coconut shells again. They prefer putting them to better use rather than burning and discarding them.

The burning of organic products usually results in air pollution, causing harm to the atmosphere and to every living organism that breathes in the air in the atmosphere. This brand believes in the uniqueness of every single coconut shell bowl. All of their bowls appear different after manufacturing processes. Enya products encourage everyone to purposely live healthy lives for their benefit.

Cococasa Company Limited
  • Location: Canada
  • Company type: trading, manufacturing, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut shell bowls
  • Other products: coconut forks, spoons, and knives, coconut cups
image 3

I had a chance to search online for Cococasa coconut bowls and other products. This company will give you amazing bundles for wholesale. Their products are relatively cheap and are flawless. They sell both natural and polished coconut bowls and cups. Cococasa coconut products enhance sustainability and help to inspire many others to do the same.

Their small and cute coconut bowls can be used as smoothie bowls, salad bowls, cereal bowls, stir-fries, and Buddha bowls. Cococasa is offering huge discounts to its customers. Ensure you grab yours right away.

Cocobowlco LLC
  • Location: California
  • Company type: trading, manufacturing, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut bowls
  • Other products: free recipes (smoothie and Buddha bowl recipes), acacia wooden spoons
image 4

Cocobowlco Company manufactures handmade and natural organic coconut bowls and sells them wholesale. They have both polished and natural variations of coconut bowls. They have some coconut bowl combos; you’ll have to choose the ones that you fancy. These coconut bowls come with 100% antimicrobial acacia wooden spoons.

Their bowls can perfectly act as candy bowls or potpourri bowls. I would highly recommend this brand to you if you are beginning to use coconut bowls.

Jas Pro LLC
  • Location: Texas
  • Company type: trading, wholesale
  • Main products: kids’ toys collection
  • Other products: coconut bowls
image 5

Apart from selling toys for kids, Jas Pro LLC also sells nicely crafted coconut shell bowls, and they sell all their products at wholesale prices. Jas pro will give you quality and long-lasting products that can be restocked immediately they run out in your store. They value timeliness and strive to deliver all products according to their customers’ expectations.

If I were you, I would contact customer care on their website to place an order today. 

Kitchemy Limited Company
  • Location: Cyprus
  • Company type: trading, wholesale
  • Main products: kitchen tools, kitchen gadgets, kitchen utensils
  • Other products: coconut shell bowls
image 6

I’d suggest Kitchemy Limited for their specialty in authentic kitchen accessories such as can openers, nutcrackers, cutting boards, grill mats, salt, pepper grinders, coffee grinder, and vegetable slicer. It mainly deals in trading and wholesale activities. Kitchemy produces high-caliber coconut bowls and exports them worldwide as soon as clients make their orders.

The customer service is fast and their products are durable. Remember that it is up to you to ensure the bowls’ durability by caring for them.

Island Coco LLC
  • Location: Canada
  • Company type: trading, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut bowls
  • Other products: wooden spoons, bamboo straws
Island Coco LLC

Island coco brand is on a mission to save the planet from climatic harm, for example, global warming. They are also all about promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness to the environment, just like all the other mentioned brands, aiming at making the world stop using plastic materials completely. They want people to embrace the coastal region lifestyle and tropical sensation while carefully creating awareness of conserving the environment. 

Most of their products are for wholesale. You can check their website for more information.

Bambaw Company
  • Company type: trading, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut bowls
image 7

Other products: cotton straw brush, bamboo toothbrush, stainless steel straw, dish brush, bamboo straws, bottle brushes, cutlery set, bamboo safety razor

I have known Bambaw for a long time now. I can assure you of the good work they are doing. It is a zero-waste movement that wants to reduce the level of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the air and repurpose waste materials like coconut shells. All their products are eco-friendly. 

Final Thoughts

The reason behind the upcycling of coconut shells and transforming them into coconut bowls is to show some care to the environment we live in. For nature to take care of you, care for it first.

Being responsive and buying these sustainable products shows we are responsible people and are concerned about healthy living and the well-being of other living things.

Up to you now, take that initiative and try out these products by purchasing them online or in nearby stores. You will absolutely love all these products and have zero regrets!

Pew York

Hi, I'm the author of this post, and I have been in this field for more than 5 years. If you want to wholesale coconut bowls or coconut related product, feel free to ask me any questions.

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