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Top 10 Coconut Bowls Wholesalers in Australia

Coconut shell bowls are products that are made from the repurposing of coconut shells.

I would say this is one of the best ways to show care and concern toward the environment.

This is because repurposing coconut shells means preventing them from being discarded in landfills.

Many companies now specialize in coconut bowls repurposing and wholesale.

In this article, I intend to guide you through and show you some of these companies that are in Australia.

Shenzhen Coconutio LLC
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Company type: manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 2009
  • Main products: coconut shell bowls
  • Other products: coconut shell accessories, coconut carving bowls, coconut candle bowls, coconut candle holders
image 8

I have been working with Coconutio for over 10 years now. I am a witness to their excellent products and profound customer service. Before I joined Coconutio, I used to purchase coconut products from the US and Australia. This was quite demanding for me because of the follow-up procedures. Later on, several other colleagues and I joined, and we came up with this brand, which has grown drastically over the years.

My love for the environment was my main driving factor. Coconutio is all about environmental sustainability and we achieve this through the manufacture of eco-friendly products. You can visit my website for more information.

Coconutsy LLC
  • Location: Brisbane
  • Company type: manufacturing, trading, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut shell bowls
  • Other products: bamboo straws, seagrass bags, coconut candles, coconut wood cutlery, coconut cups
Coconutsy LLC

I recognized Coconutsy LLC because it is one of the best coconut wholesalers in Australia. They offer free shipping services when you buy goods above 75 USD if you’re in Australia and a little shipping fee worldwide.

Their purpose is to create raw materials (coconut bowls) from organic coconut shells that would otherwise have gone to waste. I’ve seen some of their products and purchased them too, so believe me when I tell you they are all legit.

Coconutsy is at the forefront, advocating for zero waste and non-use of plastics as the new lifestyle. I would encourage you to see their products and join them in promoting the same.

The Source Bulk Foods Company
  • Location: Brunswick
  • Company type: manufacturing, trading, wholesale
  • Main products: Arborio rice, Apricot slice, Alfa seeds, Anise myrtle, activated charcoal
  • Other products: coconut shell bowls
image 9

The source bulk foods company is more of a food manufacturing company than any other non-food product. But that doesn’t mean that they are not good at coconut bowl manufacturing. It produces beautiful coconut bowls for retailers and wholesalers too. I would recommend this company because it focuses on healthy living by providing and selling healthy foods and environmentally friendly products to people.

Their food products are mostly for vegans, no meat, no dairy products, just healthy grains, and seeds. If you feel the urge to learn more about this company, please click the link above on the title.

Cocobowlz™ LLC
  • Company type: manufacturing, trading, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut shell bowls
  • Other products: coconut soy candles, coconut wood cutlery
image 10

Cocobowlz LLC aspires to re-purpose discharged coconut shells and coconut palm wood. The company uses the local occupants as laborers to do so, creating job opportunities and stable incomes for them. Many locals can now afford a good lifestyle because of this.

I would say that Cocobowlz is unique; they do not indulge in mass machine production, with no use of chemicals, glues, or lacquers. The craft workers prefer the natural way, which is still acceptable.

The company’s mission is to support the environment, climate change, and global sustainability. Check their website to make some wholesale inquiries today.

Coconut Bowls Pty Ltd
  • Location: Collingwood
  • Company type: manufacturing, trading, wholesale
  • Year established: 2013
  • Main products: coconut shell bowls, coconut shells, coconuts
  • Other products: coconut shells, coconuts, wooden spoon, wooden cup, appliances products
image 11

Coconut Bowls Pty Ltd. Is said to have at least 10 production lines. All products produced are for wholesale. Its main markets are Australia, Canada, Germany, India, and the United Kingdom with over 80% of its products being exported.

I recognize this company for its quality products, fast shipment, and high standards of service to customers.

Ibu Bambu LLC
  • Location: Sydney
  • Company type: trading, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut bowls
  • Other products: reusable coffee cups, water bottles, bee wax, food wraps
image 12

It is a wholesale distributor of earth-friendly products. I have many colleagues working here and they say that they place their concern on protecting the earth and its ecosystem. Many products are of vast designs and colors to suit the customer’s style. They are sustainable, hence forming perfect solutions to reduce environmental problems caused by pollutants like plastics.

Ibu Bambu supports worthy causes that help to protect the earth and its ecosystem. I assure you you won’t regret purchasing any of their outstanding products.

Eco Shop Co LLC
  • Location: Dee Why
  • Company type: trading, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut shell bowls
  • Other products: reusable makeup pads, bamboo hairbrush, dishwashing loofah plant-based, reusable food covers, reproduce bags, reusable straws
image 13

Eco Shop Co invades the market with unique bowls. Their bowls are very colorful, especially on the inside, and perfectly polished on the outside. These bowls are shipped from Vietnam and are made by small local communities there.

They say their bowls are perfectly imperfect, meaning each bowl has a different size. They are not the same.

These coconut products are made by locals in Vietnam to reduce the risk of exploitation of local communities so that the shells don’t get depleted. Rather, they are put to good use. This company highly advocated for zero waste.

Life of Coco Company
  • Location: Point Nepean Rd
  • Company type: trading, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut shell bowls
  • Other products: reusable cups, straws, cutlery, candles
image 14

I recently conducted some research for this company whose mission is to give everlasting life to coconuts. You will get the best reusable products from Life of Coco Company. Their reusable products are long-lasting. Life of coco has variations of coconut bowls, which include Penida Boho carved, Cancun Boho carved, Tahiti Boho carved, Natural, YOLO natural, and Hakuna Matata Natural.

With such creativity in names, you can imagine how the bowls look. Well, all these coconut bowls are displayed on the website. Ensure you visit the website to have a glimpse.

Amazon Power Pty Ltd
  • Location: Brookvale
  • Company type: trading, wholesale
  • Main products: gourmet granola, Acai products
  • Other products: organic coconut bowls
image 15

Amazon power mainly trades Acai products. Acai (pronounced as a-sigh-ee) is a type of berry found in Brazil’s Amazon. They have embraced coconut shell bowls culture and they even call them Amazon Power Acai Bowls. These bowls are used in serving Acai desserts. They are very artistic in doing this, making everyone fall in love with whatever meets the eye.

I would suggest that you experience Amazon Power’s exceptional customer service and friendly staff. Get yourself an Acai Bowl too today!

Coconut Bowls LLC
  • Location: Byron Bay
  • Company type: trading, wholesale
  • Main products: coconut shell bowls
  • Other products: bamboo straws, coconut soy candles, vegan and Boho bowls
Coconut Bowls LLC

Its mission is to promote healthy living by curbing the use of plastics all over the world. Their coconut bowls are naturally made and crafted by hand. Coconut Bowls LLC is more than just a brand; it is a movement for global sustainability.

Final Thoughts

I would like to urge us all to take part fully in the biodegradable efforts being made towards conserving the environment. Let’s purchase these companies’ products to ensure simple, safer, healthier, and wealthier living. 


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